RIBAJ MacEwen Award

31 January 2017

We are delighted that The Point, a new youth centre in Tadley, has won the RIBA Journal MacEwen Award! The MacEwen Award celebrates the best examples of architecture for the common good.

‘It’s not easy getting a youth building right – with the right facilities, in the right materials – without appearing condescending or big-brotherish. This is one of the things that commended The Point to this year’s Mac­Ewen judges. And on the day I went to see the place with architects David Ayre and Dominic Gaunt, along with their client, youth leader Adrian Noad, my immediate response was – this doesn’t feel like a youth club at all. It’s more like a Grand Designs-style house…

By the standards of many of its present projects, The Point is relatively small. But the practice poured a lot of time and energy into it, and – as the MacEwen judges noticed – it shows.’

You can read the wonderful article in full here.

TAGS Tadley, The Point, RIBAJ MacEwen, Youth Project, Leisure

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