Summer Work Experience

Site visits, sketches and model-making

2 September 2022

We’ve been pleased to host a steady stream of work experience students over the course of the summer months, and have once again been reminded of the worthwhile investment of resources in these placements. Doing what we can to nurture and inspire the next generation of architects has always been a central priority of ours, and one that always proves mutually rewarding; providing staff with a sense of ‘giving back’, strengthening all-important relationships between education and practice, and driving future job applications.

The work experience programme we have put together is carefully structured to give students a thorough insight into life as a professional architect and provide inspiring challenges to test and develop their design skills.

Last week, we had the pleasure of Zsofia and Tom joining us in the office. They were set a project brief asking them to reimagine and repurpose an area of the office. They both surveyed the office space and created a 3D Revit model of the new design, going on to prepare laser cutting files for their designs. They rounded off the week with a successful presentation using concept board, talking through their inspiration, sketches, plans and 3D drawings. They also had a chance to visit Cemex House, one of our projects currently on site, where they learnt about on-site procedures and reviewed the ongoing building work. We were really impressed with their work and hope they took away as much from the week as we did.

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