Summer Work Experience

3D Modelling, sketches and model-making

15 August 2023

Throughout the summer months, we have had the privilege of hosting a continuous flow of work experience students. Once again, this experience has reinforced the value of investing resources in these placements. At our core, we prioritise nurturing and inspiring the next generation of architects, a commitment that yields mutually rewarding outcomes.

Our carefully structured work experience program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the life of a professional architect while offering inspiring challenges to test and enhance their design skills.

This week, we were delighted to welcome Jessie and Valerie to our office. They were given a project brief that tasked them with reimagining and repurposing a designated area within the office. Both of them meticulously surveyed the office space, creating a 3D Formit model of their innovative designs. The week culminated in a successful presentation, where they effectively communicated their inspiration, hand drawn sketches and plans. We were truly impressed by their remarkable work and sincerely hope that they gained as much from this experience as we did.


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