Step Challenge

Fundraising for Mind & Centrepoint

27 March 2020

We might all be stuck at home, but it doesn’t mean we can’t stay active and raise some money for a good cause while we’re at it.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be competing against each other in a Step Challenge. If you’d like to join in, please email [email protected] and make a donation to one of our chosen charities: DONATE

Using any fitness tracker (or even just your phone), you can track your steps on a daily basis and send us your count at the end of each week. Every Monday we will announce the winner on our Instagram page and that person will win a prize.

Share your snaps on social media – whether that be on your daily walk, online aerobics class, or even just jumping with the kids! If you’re more of a cyclist, we’ll convert your kilometres to steps and for every 3k we’ll give you 1,000.

Let’s focus on our wellbeing and use this challenge to motivate ourselves while raising money for those in need!


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