Case Study: Stamford Road

27 January 2020

Stamford Road is a mixed-used development within the London Borough of Haringey. Our aspiration is to achieve BREEAM ‘Excellent’ for the commercial offices and HQM 4-Star for the residential accommodation. As well as adopting the philosophy of ‘Be Lean, Be Clean, Be Green’, we are introducing blue and green roofs to attenuate surface water, a communal service system utilising air source heat pumps and PVs on the roofs to the tallest blocks.

The development is being designed and constructed in anticipation of future changes in climate, such as warmer and wetter winters, and hotter, drier summers. Extra ventilation capacity is being provided through the MVHR system to increase comfort during the summer months. We are also introducing waste water heat recovery from showers, baths and washing machines which will reduce the regulated CO2 emissions by 5%, helping us to meet our target of 40% reduction.

TAGS Sustainability

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