University of Surrey Masterplan

PROJECTS / Master planning

Our masterplan for the University of Surrey serves to strengthen links between two very different campus environments. While the Stag Hill campus has traditionally been the centre of teaching and activity, the Manor Park campus has grown significantly in recent years with new student accommodation. Our masterplan will bring long term parity between the two campuses through new amenities and teaching facilities, thereby improving the student experience.

A design strategy was developed to clearly define legibility of routes and vistas, promoting natural wayfinding. We focused on active frontages and entrances that promote and exhibit the University of Surrey to the local community and visitors passing through the area. This vibrant and flexible public realm will enable the University to host a wide range of activities.

The focal point of the gateway site is the Student Hub building which in tandem with a ‘learning hotel’ creates an active public realm, leading pedestrians through the site towards the rest of the academic campus, student residential areas, and the sports and green spaces beyond.

Client University of Surrey
Sector Higher Education
Service Masterplanning
Status Pre-Planning


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