The Carroll Centre

PROJECTS / Culture + Community

We were appointed by Winchester City Council to undertake a space planning exercise for The Carroll Centre; a popular community centre in Stanmore. The feasibility study tested the concept of re-locating a nearby underused library into the centre as a secondary facility.

The Carroll Centre accommodates a local children’s centre, an after school club; various youth activities in the afternoons and evenings; health and counselling services as well as Educational Integration Services.

The design options explored three different principles: maximisation of large flexible spaces with movable furniture, a multi-use activity wall within a double height void stretching from one side of the building to the other, and a central “atrium” space with rooms around. All three options focussed on maximising the potential of the existing centre and strived to integrate the needs of a wide range of user groups.

The study also investigated potential opportunities available on the wider site, including two further community buildings. The proposals attempt to unite the buildings and form a successful shared public realm and ‘community campus’.

Location Stanmore, Winchester
Client Winchester City Council
Value Confidential
Size 646m
Service Feasibility


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