Private Art Gallery

PROJECTS / Culture + Community

We were commissioned to convert a pool house into an art gallery for the owner’s extensive art collection.

Our proposal was to create a new gallery space within the existing pool house through the installation of a new spine wall with mezzanine floor. High quality materials and finishes were used throughout, with a minimal and modern feel to the project. The architectural intervention is subservient to the client’s extensive artwork collection.

A gallery platform has been created through the introduction of a central spine wall within the existing pod space. The platform is conceived as a lightweight structure floating freely above a harder base condition. This base condition folds down into the previous pool as if pushed into the ground. The platform is linked via a lightweight glass staircase which is designed to enhance this visual separation. A proposed mezzanine platform sits within the main existing columns.

Location Confidential
Value Confidential
Sector Private Residential


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