Northgate Square

PROJECTS / Housing

The project redevelops an underused car park to create a high-quality affordable housing scheme made up of 98 1- and 2-bedroom apartments. All residents have access to outdoor amenity space in the form of balconies, terraces or shared spaces across the development.

The massing of the block is broken into two distinct sections – six storeys at one side rising to eight at the other. Horizontal bands bind the lower floors of the building and apartments are expressed as brick boxes within these bands. The interplay of bands and boxes creates an open and attractive façade. A robust palette of materials, including brick and concrete, grounds the scheme in the local modernist vernacular.

The building has a highly insulated, airtight envelope and is served by a combined heat and power system (CHP) which supplies heat and hot water. The CHP, combined with roof-mounted photovoltaics, generate sufficient electricity to both serve the development and export a significant amount of excess energy back to the grid. The building is future-proofed to be part of the wider district heating system once implemented within Crawley.
Location Crawley
Client Crawley Council Housing
Value £15m
Size 98 apartments
Sector Housing
Status Completed


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