Plevna Crescent

PROJECTS / Housing

The design for this 72-unit housing scheme embraces the existing landscape and responds to neighbouring residential areas to create a strong sense of place and community for future residents.

A family of four lightweight pavilions, ‘float’ over a ground floor stone plinth. At ground floor, gabion walls create a sturdy base that helps bed the scheme into the landscape.  Over time the walls will be inhabited by local wildlife, bringing nature and ecology into the development. Clay tile cladding reflects the setting and its irregular texture will compliment the non-uniform arrangement of windows. Green roofs will also offer habitat for existing ecology.

Soft and hard landscaping throughout the site utilises natural materials which integrate with the parkland setting. The visual impact of cars and traffic movement is carefully controlled using shared surfaces and underground parking to create a relaxing environment.

Angled facades are orientated so that the highest points signal the entrances to the development. This helps with wayfinding and provides an interesting and varied roofscape that animates views from the railway lines, which bound two sides of the triangular site.

The apartments have been designed to maximise dual aspect views. The building interiors include large open plan living/dining areas, balconies and designated cycle storage, and the adaptable layouts will accommodate the changing needs of family life.

Location Haringey, London
Sector Housing
Status Under construction


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