Geraint Thomas House

PROJECTS / Housing

This 9-storey new build apartment building is located on a high profile site within the Crawley Town Hall Quarter. It was targeted by the Local Authority stakeholders as a flagship building to raise aspirations for high quality architectural design in the redevelopment of Crawley town centre and acts as a benchmark for others to follow.

The design features intricate brickwork geometry and playful brickwork patterns to add texture and interest whilst referencing the character buildings in the local area. The layered façade makes extensive use of bronze anodised aluminium throughout the rainscreen cladding, perforated balcony balustrades and window frames. This material compliments the monochrome brickwork and responds with the changing patterns of daylight to give the building a distinct identity.

As a socially focussed development, two thirds of the apartments provide much-needed high quality affordable housing and the wider project contributes to improving the public realm for all residents of Crawley.

Location Crawley, West Sussex
Client A2 Dominion
Value £18m
Sector Housing
Status Completed


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