Darrick Wood Estate

PROJECTS / Housing

The proposal is for the development of an existing suburban housing estate approximately 8.7ha in size situated to the south of Orpington, Bromley. Darrick Wood Estate was built in the mid- 1980s and is characterised by its Radburn style planning, with housing arranged around large landscaped lawns, terraces and planting. The site is made up of 369 existing dwellings within an area consisting mainly of low to mid density housing.

Through lengthy consultation with the planning authority and the local residents, our proposal looks to bring forward a development of 26 affordable homes. The design has been carefully considered to respond to the immediate context, introducing a new landscaped public ‘street’ and a semi private courtyard for the residents. The massing and breaks in the building form have been carefully considered to best respond to neighbouring properties and allow permeability through the built form, which was a key principle of the Radburn planning methodology.

The building is designed with textured brickwork detailing and dark metalwork, which provides a robust palette of materials in keeping with the existing estate. The built form is eroded with recessed balconies and a setback top floor, and broken down further with recessed brick panels, projecting balconies and open entrance ways into the building, which defines the internal accommodation. The landscaped courtyard has been carefully designed to provide a variety of spaces for many different users, with considered soft and hardscapes interspersed with wild flower planting.

Location Bromley, London
Client Keniston Housing Association
Value Confidential
Sector Housing
Status Pre-planning


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