Basingstoke College of Technology Masterplan

PROJECTS / Master planning

Basingstoke College of Technology (BCoT) is a further education college providing predominantly vocational courses. The main campus is split between two sites either side of a busy road with some additional satellite sites around Basingstoke. The College wanted to consolidate the smaller sites into the main campus to make better use of existing buildings; refurbishing existing stock where possible and looking at opportunities for new building placements on the main campus. The College’s main aims were to improve the relationship between the North and South of the site and refresh the public face of the College to promote a much more professional, aspirational organisation.

We undertook a number of studies for the College and carried out a series of phased refurbishment and new build works. We worked closely with BCoT on their funding application, putting together proposals that enhanced the look of the College while improving the environmental performance of buildings across the campus. We also secured support from the Local Planning Authority for the campus redevelopment works.

The College lacked a clearly defined or recognisable entrance point. There was no cohesive signage or identity, plus a lack of frontage defining the commercial elements of the College. Our design addressed these issues through the introduction of new entrance canopies which clearly defined the different entrances adding gravitas to the front elevation. The canopies incorporate clear branding and signage visible from the road and the use of colours defines academic departments. The works also involved widening both sets of entrance steps to the north and south sites to improve the circulation of students.

Location Basingstoke
Client Basingstoke College of Technology
Sector Education
Service Masterplanning
Status Completed


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