PROJECTS / Workplace

Our design for Barnsgrove replaces a derelict cow milking shed with a sustainable new-building containing flexible office space, flexible co-working space, wellness facilities as well as a bar and cafe area.

The development is on a rural site covering approximately 0.5ha in North Hampshire, and is cut into a slope at the north east corner.

The new building has been designed with a highly efficient thermal envelope with good levels of insulation and air tightness. The scheme incorporates green technologies including roof mounted photovoltaics, air source heat pump and electric vehicle charging points. The building footprint also creates space between the proposed building and the existing tree lined bank to the northern perimeter, allowing for a parking to be concealed from view and generous semi-public spaces to the south.

The material pallet for the proposed building takes reference from its agricultural setting, with the primary external material being profiled metal sheet cladding. Metal framed door and window system have been specified, while a slatted timber screen canopy provides shading to the glazing on the south facing facade while denoting the main entrance.


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