Old Street Roundabout

Design Competition for New Gateway

5 April 2018

Our design for a £1m transformation of Old Street Roundabout was longlisted in the recent high-profile competition held by Islington Council. The brief sought ‘exciting, bold and iconic’ proposals for a new gateway structure reflecting the area’s identity as a hub for digital innovation.

Our proposal establishes two new platforms where users can enjoy both bustle and calm, visual connectivity and isolation, openness and intimacy. The lower level allows permeability across it from all vantage points whilst the upper, wrapped with a new screen, provides enclosure and privacy.

At present, advertisement brings an introverted focus to the peninsula. Our proposal reverses this, as neighbouring buildings are brought alive with media content. The new platforms, combined with the dynamic building facades, will animate Old Street and create a landmark where ‘online’ and ‘offline’ connect.

TAGS Old Street, Competition

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