West Sussex Housing

Plans submitted for affordable homes

17 March 2020

Our plans for the redevelopment of the Longley House site in Crawley will replace two underutilised office buildings with 121 much-needed affordable homes. The £22m scheme for developer A2Dominion will offer 65 apartments for shared ownership and 56 for affordable rent.

The proposal responds to the need to enhance the public realm in this prominent town centre location. The building has been designed in a ‘U’ shape and ranges in height from nine to four storeys – stepped massing has been used to invite people into the development and the central public courtyard.

Vehicular access into the site is restricted. Parking is located around the perimeter and 208 cycle spaces have been provided throughout the development.

Local redbrick has been used to reference the materials used in the local Conservation Area. The two-tone approach and subtle brick detailing is modern yet respectful.

“It’s exciting to see our desire for a welcoming and community-focused design brought to life with such strong plans. These show how we aim to breathe new life into the increasingly popular centre of Crawley and create homes that are more than an affordable place to live.”

Danny Lynch, Director of Land and Development, A2Dominion

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