Fit Out Complete

Highways England, Basingstoke

20 March 2021

We have continued to work closely with Highways England to develop their office methodology, inspire alternate methods of working, provide staff facilities that encourage social activities away from desks, and deliver more agile working environments. The second office fit out project provides 2,300m2 of space for up to 250 staff across a single floor of an existing building, located in an established commercial and retail park.

The design of the space has been developed closely with Highways England, establishing a clear and simple design concept while also working with their own internal design guide and end-user focus groups. Accessibility has been a key driver in the design process and all spaces have been designed to suit wheelchair users with particular focus on circulation and communal facilities. The introduction of rise and fall worktops, oversized rooms, wide circulation routes and bespoke furniture with different levels allow the building to be used easily by all.

The office provides a main ‘town hall’ space with kitchen and dining areas accompanied by recreation and workshop spaces. A variety of flexible working spaces, varying from 30-person project hubs to informal break out areas, are provided. Folding partitions give flexibility to large spaces, while small one and two person pods cater for quiet individual work.

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