BCO Conference 2019

Matt & Emily take on the cycle challenge

4 June 2019

Matthew Chamberlain and Emily Pallot are currently cycling 300 miles from Gothenberg to Copenhagen for the BCO Conference. Could there be a more apt location to explore this year’s theme of work-life balance?

We visited Copenhagen as a practice in 2017 – we loved the ethos and attitude of its residents, and how this was reflected in the architecture we saw. Cycling is also a huge part of Danish culture, so it’s even more fitting that Matt and Emily are arriving by bike.

If you’d like to support the riders and help raise money for metal health charity MIND, the BCO fundraising page is here: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/bcoannualconference2019

Please let us know if you’ll also be at the conference and have some time to meet up with Matt and Emily – it would be great to hear from you!

TAGS Emily Pallot, Cycling, Matthew Chamberlain, BCO

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