Blueprint For Urban Growth

A collaboration with Willmott Dixon

30 March 2023

A recent collaboration with Willmott Dixon to help bring their new website to life. Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt Marketing Assistant, Ariadna Alvarez, created an interactive map based on their vision for future cities.

“This project showcases our commitment to pushing creativity and design boundaries. It allowed us to explore new technologies to create a visually stunning website.” – Ariadna Alvarez

The map allows users to explore the possibilities of future cities, from the vision of Willmott Dixon. It provides an interactive way to learn about their projects, and how they can shape the future of our cities. It is an innovative way to engage with their audience and share their ideas.

Check out Willmott Dixon’s website for the full experience.

“Willmott Dixon’s blueprint for growth shows the elements you need for towns and cities to thrive. To bring this to life, we needed to create an imaginary town that allows people to interact with as a fun and engaging way to see how Willmott Dixon can bring together these elements to support local growth and prosperity. ACG took this idea from concept and worked collaboratively with Willmott Dixon to create a highly visual and realistic urban environment that is now a prominent feature on its website to show the role and importance the built environment has on driving future prosperity and opportunity within communities.” – Andrew Geldard, Chief Communications Officer at Willmott Dixon.

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