BIM Level 2 Roundtable

Centre for Digital Built Britain

6 March 2019

The Centre for Digital Built Britain held a roundtable session on 5 March to discuss Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the advantages and challenges of delivering it. Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt’s Head of Technology and BIM Manager, Allister Lewis, attended the session to provide insight into our experience.

One of the main discussion points was how BIM can provide productivity gains and reduce risk on the delivery of construction projects. The use of innovative technology can provide greater diversity, greater flexibility and new opportunities for working digitally. Most people around the table agreed that this had also resulted in higher employee retention rates.

Challenges included costs of implementation and the use of Common Data Environment software. In addition to this, limitations throughout the supply chain can be an issue. Client maturity and understanding was promoted by all those attending as well as the early formation of the entire design team to support better outcomes on a project.


New technology should lead to better buildings across its life-cycle. This results in better architecture and better buildings for clients and end users.

New roles and specialists should arise from data-driven approaches – there is an exciting future ahead for those that engage with this.

The specialist skills and services developed are able to be marketed abroad – the UK is leading the implementation of BIM and other countries are looking to adopt this expertise.


Greater client training and information required to support understanding and knowledge of requirements to be asked for at the outset.

There is a risk of a two-tier system of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ – supporting practices is required by early adopters.

How to support improvement 

Have a strategic person or ambitious team to drive understanding and adoption of new technology.

Look to create organisations to support new ways of working – for example, the Association of Data-Driven Designers (ADDD+) set up by Allister.

We are actively engaged with broadening the skills of the construction industry. We believe we are leading by example by implementing BIM and new ways of working into our day-to-day activities to ensure greater productivity benefits for our clients!

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