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High Street Hub shortlisted in BCO comp!

17 November 2020

In response to the current global state, the team’s vision of town-centric is focused on two outcomes of the pandemic: the increase in home-working and the economic effect of Covid-19 on an already struggling town-centre retail sector. The High Street Hub is a response to traditional co-working spaces and develops this model through offering locally positioned workspaces with a focus on community regeneration, strategic reuse and retrofit. With less focus on desking and more on adaptable social and practical spaces, these new offices can provide added value to the high street. The different uses within are envisioned as a ‘kit of parts’ which can be tailored to the area, providing flexible interventions to repurpose existing buildings and rejuvenate high streets across the country.


Tyler Holdcroft, Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt
Kate van der Driessche, Argent
Scarlett Franklin, XCO2

Read more about the competition and finalists HERE.

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