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As well as a proven track record of delivering projects through conventional methods, we also have good experience working with Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DfMA) and modular technologies. These techniques embody the practice’s belief that only through innovation and creativity can the challenges we face be met.

We do not believe there is a one size fits all solution, more that the project brief should determine appropriate technologies to be pursued and this should be agreed as early as possible to maximise the benefits available.

– Unitised cladding
– Timber framing
– Cross laminated timber
– Cold rolled metal panels
– Timber SIPS
– Offsite precast concrete panelised façade and frame
– Volumetric modular
– Volumetric pod
– Offsite hybrid

We have shared our experience and lessons learnt with both clients and peers through presentations and talks delivered both privately and publicly, at organisations such as New London Architecture and Architecture Today.

We are also currently undertaking a broader research exercise on the opportunities MMC and DfMA present to both architects and construction, and what future trends and technologies might be. We believe MMC and DfMa have an essential part to play in meeting the enormous challenges we have in contemporary society to build better, faster and more efficiently.

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