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The construction industry is changing fast with the introduction of new digital technologies and the need to improve quality, productivity and efficiency. Our data-driven design approach delivers continual improvements, with a focus on 5 key areas:

Digital Collaboration & Leadership

With greater digitisation within the construction industry, we are well placed to support clients with their forward planning. We provide consultancy services to assist with developing digital strategies, to confirm requirements and opportunities on projects, and provide a BIM implementation strategy.


We know that BIM offers clients multiple benefits during the design and construction, and in-use. We are industry leaders in Building Information Modelling (BIM). We are certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI) as complying with the BIM Level 2 requirements which assures our clients that the practice is BIM capable. We offer BIM Information Management and BIM Coordination Services to clients to support their digital requirements.

Data Management

We have an industry leading, BIM Level 2 compliant Common Data Environment (CDE) which enables us to securely share project information across the whole design team, contractor and supply chain, and with clients. This CDE is a Quality Management System that enables multiple consultants to upload project information and allows our clients to access this information, understand the status of it, and obtain a full audit trail for the project.


We are actively integrating and researching new ways of working that automate and streamline our work processes through generative design, scripting and coding. New tools to assess embodied carbon, health & well-being and social value are all being developed.

Digital Twin

Digital twins are realistic digital representations of physical things. They unlock value by enabling improved insights that support better decisions, leading to better outcomes in the physical world. We are keen to develop and integrate these ideas as they evolve.  Initially, we are exploring the collection and monitoring real-time data to optimise a building’s operational performance and sustainability.

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