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Collaboration is at the core of what we do as a practice and the success of any project is dependent on good working relationships. We work closely with a wide range of collaborators – be that other consultants, clients, contractors or the wider community- to ensure projects benefit from our collective skills and experience.

Our Studios

Our two studio environments are reflective of the way we work and collaborate. In London we are members of ‘The Building Society‘, an open studio environment shared by like minded construction industry businesses. Users benefit from shared experiences as well as knowledge exchange and events. We have developed a similar model in our Hampshire studio where we have shared space with other consultants and related businesses.


We collaborate widely with a range of industry and academic institutions to expand our understanding and research capabilities. We actively collaborate through teaching and R&D with universities and colleges including:

University of Portsmouth

The University of Reading

Royal College of Art

South Downs College

Basingstoke College of Technology


We adopt two charities every other year with which to collaborate and fundraise. These have included:

Back Up





Other Architects

We partner with other architects to design and deliver projects.

We are currently working with Cano & Escario UK, the London team of the international multidiscipline architecture practice established 30+ years ago in Madrid. This collaboration offers our clients enhanced creativity and experience across sectors, scale and location.

Other collaborations have included Diamond Schmitt from Canada, Hawkins Brown, Metropolitan Workshop, Define and HLM.

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